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St Augustine, Florida 32804

Phone # 904-342-8010


Over 5 Years of Towing Experience
Providing St Johns County and St Augustine with 5 Star towing and roadside assistance services
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North Florida Towing Company

"The Best Towing Service in St Augustine"

The Best Tow Trucks in St Augustine, Period.

You heard it here folks! The North Florida Towing Company has the best tow trucks St Augustine! Time and time again we've come in the clutch for the residents of St Johns County providing them spot on roadside assistance service at affordable rates.

These other St Augustine towing companies offer $45 tows but what do you get? You get second rate service and the cheapest tow truck on the market to hopefully be able to tow your vehicle. But not with us.

With the North Florida Towing Company you'll get 1st class roadside assistance service from our team of towing professionals the second you call.

We have a 1st class, top of the line tow trucks stationed all over St Augustine ready to service you the second you need it. And with our affordable local tows starting at $45 there's no reason why we won't be servicing you the next time you need a high quality towing company in St Augustine.

Towing Request 
Towing Services We Offer In St Johns County 
24 Hour Towing Service 

Do you need an emergency tow truck in St Johns County? Don't worry the North Florida Towing company specializes in these tows! We have multiple tow trucks in our roadside assistance fleet for that just in-case moment when you need us the most.

Don't settle for a below average towing company when you can get the best roadside assistance service in St Augustine!

Roadside Assistance

Get award winning roadside assistance service with the North Florida Towing Company! 

5 Star Rated on Google and ready to serve you; our highly qualified St Augustine tow truck drivers will blow you away with how amazing our service will be.

Contact us today for the best wrecker and towing service in St Johns County!

Flatbed Towing​​

Sometimes a normal tow truck can't help you if you have a special ride or have gotten into an accident.

This is why flatbed tow trucks are coveted in the towing industry. These tow trucks are reliable as they are efficient and our are no different.

Our tow truck drivers have done thousands of flatbed towing jobs all throughout St Augustine and will have no problem getting you hooked up. Just contact our team of tow truck drivers at the top of our website!

Wrecker Service

​​​If you need wrecker service in St Augustine or St Johns County please don't hesitate to all the best wrecker company in town!

Safety is our number one priority and we will get to you faster than any other towing company. If you're car can longer operate and you're on city property you're going to need a wrecker tow truck dispatched to you as soon as possible.

We provide great wrecker service and we will make sure that your car is not damaged any more than it has been.

A message from the Owner of North Florida Towing Company:​ 

Let's be real. No one wants to get towed. Towing Companies know this and continue to offer bum service anyway. Not only do we go above and beyond for our customers, our customers go above and beyond for us! We have an outstanding customer base and we are humbled by how our customers talk about us. Unlike most towing companies, our desire to help instead of hound has helped us successfully become one of the best towing companies in north Florida. 
Not only is this disrespectful to our customers it's a shame that these towing companies are still allowed to stay in business. Our trusted partners are on standby to ensure that we can provide the fastest towing service possible.

For over 5 years the North Florida Towing Company has offered quality towing services and we truly care about our customers. When it comes our customers they love our affordable flat rates and friendly tow truck drivers we provide on a 24 hour basis.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing this great city with the best service around. If you require emergency roadside assistance we are the towing company to call!

About our $45 Local Tows in St Augustine

If you've ever had a terrible experience with a St Augustine towing company then you need to listen up! The North Florida Towing Company has tow trucks standing by now to assist with the best roadside assistance you can think of!

Flat rate towing has become more rare in this day because towing companies know that depending on your circumstance they can charge you more and you'll pay it. North Florida Towing Company offers flat rate tows just for this reason with our local tows starting at $45! Because our tows start at $45 this has made the roadside assistance process in St. Johns county so simple and our customers love this.

While some towing companies charge rates based on the time of day, our local tows ALWAYS start at $45! 

At North Florida Towing we understand that roadside assistance emergencies are never convenient and that they can happen at anytime. You shouldn't be punished for needing a tow at 12am; in fact, you should have a company that wants to get to you as soon as possible no matter what the hour is. We are that towing company. 

Give us a call at anytime and we'll provide the best 5 star towing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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